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The Cottage, Small House or Cabin

Cottage house as seen here have been romanticized since the early fairy tales of Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel. They have a way of reminding us gingerbread houses. What is interesting is just how many styles they can come in.

What makes a cottage so distinctive from other some homes at one time was their dark thatched roofs. These homes were traditionally built by a waterfront and made out of logs or other natural materials. Also known as a cabin, they were used as a way of modest country living.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Cottage Carmel-Cottage-for-Sale Cottage cottage Cottage cottage-designs16abc Cottage Cottage-in-forrest-house-hansel-and-Gretel Cottage DH_-_Shell_Cottage_(film_version)_2 Cottage Exterior-Nicholson-cottage-MKOVR0205-de Cottage fairytale-cottages4 Cottage i-fb7c4c6967598e51a0735ef36bc34de4-cottage-garden Cottage Self-Catering_Cottage_Potterne Cottage Stone_cottage_in_Enchanted_Forest_at_Winterthur