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It’s important to choose a ceiling fan that is proportional to the size of your room.  To determine the fan size that’s most appropriate for your space (fans are sized by the number of inches that their blades span), first determine the square feet of your room by multiplying the room’s length by its width. Then use these suggested guidelines:

  • For rooms up to 75 sq ft, choose a 29″ – 36″ fan
  • For room 76 to 144 sq ft, choose a 36″ – 42″ fan
  • For rooms 145 to 225 sq ft, choose a 44″- 48″ fan
  • For rooms 225 to 400 sq ft, choose a 48″- 54″ fan
  • For rooms over 400 sq ft, choose a fan that is 54″ or larger.
  • For large great rooms, a fan as large as 72″ may be appropriate.
  • If the room is over 400 sq ft, consider using two fans, particularly if the space is rectangular.

Ceiling Fan Two ceiling fans on porch

  • Ceiling fans should be hung at a height so that the blades are at least 7 feet above the floor. For ceilings that are 8 feet or less in height, consider a hugger/low-profile fan to keep the fan blades from being too low.

If your ceiling is over 9 feet tall, your fan will require an extension downrod. Here are some guidelines for determining the approximate length of your downrod:

  • For 9 foot ceilings, use a 6″ downrod if needed
  • For 10 foot ceilings, use a 12-18″ downrod
  • For 11 foot or taller ceilings, subtract 9 feet from your ceiling height to get the length of your downrod.  For example, if you have a 12 foot ceiling, 12-9=3 so you would want a 3′ downrod.
  • If you have extremely tall cathedral height ceilings, fans are often hung higher off the floor than for more standard height ceilings.  For this reason, for cathedral ceilings use the above calculation to determine the maximum length of your downrod – you may wish to go with a downrod that is a foot or shorter than what you calculate.
  • If ceiling height allows, the fan blades should be at least 8-9″ from the ceiling for optimal airflow.
  • Ceiling fans should have a minimum of 18″ clearance between the wall and the tip of the fan blades.

For very large rooms, you need a very large fan. Click for Big Ass Fans.

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