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Dinning Tables and Chairs Turqoise dining table

  • The distance between the top of the table and the chair seat should be about 12″. Therefore, to determine the seat height that’s best for your table, take the height of your table (in inches) and subtract 12 inches.  For example, most dining tables are 30″ high so an appropriate seat height would be 30-12=18″.
  • Allow at least 30-36″ of space between the back of each dining chair and the wall or furniture behind it to allow room to pull chairs in and out easily. If the area behind the chairs is a traffic pathway, increase the amount of space.
  • As a general rule of thumb, the back of the chair should be taller than the top of the dining table. How much taller is a matter of personal preference.  When dining chairs are lower in height, it feels more modern whereas taller chairs tend to make a room feel more traditional and formal. If you’re using different side and end chairs, your end chairs should be taller than your side chairs.
  • A seat depth of 16-18″ is recommended for most adults.
  • For rectangular dining tables, ideally allow a minimum of 24″-28″ of table length per person and some additional inches at the corners (how much space is needed at the corners depends upon the table width – more additional space is needed for narrower tables than for wider tables). Always consider the location of the table’s legs/base in determining how many people it will comfortably seat. Also consider the width of your dining chairs – if you have wider than average chairs, the amount of table length per person will need to be greater.
  • Mismatched Chairs in different spaces, styles and sizes will add much interest.
  • When selecting a dining chair, look at the back of the chair as well.
  • Out door dining areas follow these same rules.
  • Interest can also be added by changing the style of the 2 head chairs on a rectangular table – giving the host and hostess their places.

Window Treatments modern-dining-room-xlg-24784812 2006 Terrace DSCN2307Same Rules Can Be Applied To Out Door Dining Areas

DR2010Diningroom Table SettingDRDSC_2462Mismatched Chairs Add Interest As Well

Window Treatments 5bc8046fb97265cf266e32f27b658bef Lokker2110712_118_Lokker_Claremont_mweb Stairtumblr_lharnc3JGE1qetc1oo1_500Also Look At The Back Of The Chairs For Interest