Artist Embarks On Project To Bring Cursive Handwriting Back To Schools

Indiana-based graphic artist Christina Vanko has embarked on a project to bring back cursive handwriting in schools.

Titled ‘Sans Cursive’, her project is sparked after Vanko learnt that cursive handwriting is no longer taught as a mandatory class in schools across the US.

Through this, Vankos hopes to “illustrate the significance of cursive as a necessary skill, highlighting its historical importance and its role in self-expression, brain stimulation, and fine motor skill development”.

Her project involves the public to practice their own form of cursive handwriting at the back of postcards and then sending it to the National Governors Association, the governing body that took away the cursive handwriting class.

“Hopefully this project will spark interest in keeping cursive alive even if it cannot be taught by the state,” adds Vanko.