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The Renowned St. Regis Hotel

St Regis Hotel 1464000_10151746756062100_1459859271_n

The St. Regis New York is probably “THE iconic hotel of New York”…maybe even more so than the Plaza. It was built at the height of the Gilded Age, by John Jacob Astor IV, who also owned half of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel (the original Waldorf, where now stands the Empire State building). The St Regis is named after Upper St. Regis Lake in the Adirondacks, which is named after a French monk known for his hospitality and care towards underprivileged children and prostitutes (and admiration of North American native tribes), John Francis Regis. The St Regis was designed by architects Trowbridge & Livingston, with interiors by Arnold Constable. Construction began in 1901 and the hotel opened September 4, 1904. I think, to this day, it remains the classiest luxury hotel in New York.

“Working on the renovation of this hotel gave us the respect to perverse the past for our future generations to come. It was an honor”. MS presently at: MKandcompany Interior Design and Decoration

St Regis Hotel 988756_10151746755352100_694527726_n

King Cole BarSt Regis Hotel 1456108_10151746755497100_678644598_n

Presidential Suite

St Regis Hotel 1463737_10151746755172100_328624610_n

Royal Suite

St. Regis Hotel Tiffany-Suite-Bedroom

Tiffany SuiteSt. Regis Hotel Tiffany_Suite_Entrance

Tiffany Suite Entry

St. Regis Hotel Tiffany_Suite Living_Room  (2)

Tiffany Suite Living RoomSt. Regis Hotel Guest-Room-Bathroom

Madison Suite Bathroom

St. Regis Hotel Dior3

The Dior Suite

St. Regis Hotel 2 Tiffany_Suite Living_Room

Tiffany Suite Living RoomSt. Regis Hotel Dior2

Dior Suite

St. Regis Hotel 5th-Avenue-Suite-Bedroom

Fifth Avenue SuiteSt. Regis Hotel Exterior3


St. Regis Hotel Lobby-Mail-Box-&-Chute-Circa-1904


St. Regis Hotel Ballroom 343x230-Versailles

Ballroom Versailles

St Regis Hotel 1475817_10151746755792100_968528355_n

Front DeskSt Regis Hotel 1454824_10151746754992100_475803009_n St Regis Hotel 1466216_10151746756332100_716845419_n

St. Regis Hotel Exterior2