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Do You Like Color As Much As We Do?

Where do you feel best if not home? That’s why you must decorate your home with lots of attention on each member’s needs. When you have a large family it’s even harder to please everyone’s taste, but with love and understanding everything is possible. Laura and Bob have four children and they tried to make from their four floor house the perfect environment where they can raise their little ones.Despite the house is actually a big one, gathering six rooms, with such a big number of family members it was quite difficult to find a common element to link their personalities. But they wonderfully managed to find their specific, and that’s happy colors.

Each corner of the house is joyful colored and there isn’t a place where you can’t find dots, spots, pictures, stripes or flashy colored items.Trying to develop their children’s personality and creativity, the parents let them choose the style of their rooms, but the hotspot of the house is the dining room.

Laura and Bob wanted a large table where they can all fit in the evening and talk about their day.This is that place that unites them so the dining room’s design should be a special one that pleases everyone. Once again, the family opted for bold colors and joyful dots and combined all sorts of colors in a very audacious way. I am sure this is a house that will raise some beautiful, creative and opened-minded children and I appreciate a lot the young and free spirit of the parents.

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