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If you are looking for an appliance that will give you the perfect storage of wines – Let’s look at Miele for a second.

Everyone knows that good wine is an important component of a happy kitchen. Proper storage is vital for optimum drinkability—and is something few people do right. Temperature, humidity, light, and bottle position are all key factors for proper wine preservation. Products like Miele’s dynamic wine coolers safeguard the best vinos from unwanted fluctuations in temperature, humidity, and vibration—providing the perfect home for a good vintage, no cellar required. Find below five simple steps that are essential to storing and aging your wine properly:

Store unopened bottles horizontally, so that the wine touches the cork. This keeps moisture in and prevents the cork from drying and shrinking.

Keep it cool. Miele’s MasterCool™ technology ensures that temperature and humidity levels within the wine cooler will remain constant. A unique interior LED system allows you to tastefully display your treasured collection without affecting the interior temperature

Store wine on a stabilized shelf that doesn’t vibrate. Constant vibration can produce air bubbles, which will oxidize the wine and cause it to turn sour.

Avoid leaving bottles in direct sunlight. The glass doors on Miele’s wine refrigeration units are made of a special UV protected glass which is imperative because UV light damages wine and causes the flavor to diminish.

Be careful not to go too cold. Anything under 40ºF will cause the wine to stop maturing. Miele’s Wine Storage Units feature three unique cooling zones, each with individual controls. Utilize the upper shelves for red wine and the bottom zones for white wine and champagne.

Keep in mind that by storing your reds, whites, and sparkling wines in three individual cooling zones, you’ll experience the wine’s full complexity. With Miele’s unique RemoteVision™, every bottle will be ready at a moment’s notice for that next special occasion or intimate dinner party.

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