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In Los Angeles, any old coat rack or a few hooks by the door would do. Most of us would just toss a jacket in the back of the car in the winter months. But if we are in Vermont we need a little more. And something fun like these clever paint cans mounted to a wall near the back door might be perfect for you to do. You can get clean empty paint cans at a good paint store, or better yet, recycle an old one.

Materials, for each hanger you’ll need:
One cleaned or refinished paint can.
2 screws long enough to reach into wall studs.

Tools:  Long handled screwdriver or screw gun with sufficient extensions to reach bottom of can.

Punch or small drill
Stud finder (optional)

Step one:   With the handle in a horizontal position, layout and make 2 small mounting holes at the top and bottom of the can within an inch or less of the edge.

Step two:   locate and mark stud position on wall for upper screw position.

Step three:   Screw through the upper hole of the can into the wall stud but not quite snug to the wall.

Step four:  Straighten the can and screw through the lower hole of the can into the wall stud snug to the wall.

Step five:  Snug up first screw.

Step six:  Hang, stuff, drape and regain control of your entry space!