Juicer amco-juicer-square

This is the “Man Power Juicer” –  Amco Juicer: Use the tiny hand-held tool to juice lemons and limes for lemonade, salsa, and salad dressings. $12.95

Juicer bodum-juicer

This is the “Stylish Juicer” – Bistro Citrus Juicer by Bodum: A punchy juicer that comes in six bright shades to help you make the best margaritas (presentation is everything). $55

Juicer royal-vkb-orange-citrus-sipper-2

This is the “Way Cool Juicer” – Citrange Orange Squeezer: This simple tool from Royal VKB fits on your cup and filters out the seeds as you juice, eliminating the sticky middle compartment. $18

Juicer silver-art-zx800-juicer-krups

This is the “Break the Bank Juicer” – Silver Art ZX800 Juicer by Krups: A cordless model that will hold up to 1¼ quarts of juice. $80

Juice shops are the latest fad – but for those who don’t want to shell out $2 per ounce, the juicers above are currently on the market. Which would you choose?