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Open Air 1 Exterior-Modern-White-Agua-House-with-pool

In the suburbs of Buenos Aires, overlooking the Arias Canal lies the eye-catching Agua House. This 450 square meter creation is the work of Barrionuevo Sierchuk Arquitectas, who designed it to suit the luxurious lifestyle of a couple without children. Intended for exclusive use, the house features just one bedroom for dinner (come bed and breakfast) guests and centers around the master suite, that like the rest of the house, conceals heavy wooden doors which completely open the entire structure to the elements.

Open Air 2 Exterior-Modern-White-Agua-House-at-dusk-600x401 Open Air 3 Open-Plan-living-with-views-to-the-outdoors-600x401 Open Air 4 Threshold-indoor-outdoor-agua-house Open Air 5 Exterior-view-into-living-room-of-agua-house-600x896 Open Air 6 Open-Plan-living-featuring-stone-wall-and-fireplace-600x401 Open Air 7 natural-bathroom-with-twin-sinks-in-stone-600x400 Open Air 8 Internal-stairwell-in-stone-and-wood-600x896 Open Air 9 Outdoor-setting-under-awning-by-pool-600x401 Open Air 10 Exterior-modern-white-Agua-House-Pool-and-garden Open Air 11 Agua-house-plans-600x398