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It’s Not Just a Lounge Chair – It’s so much more.

Feeling comfortable at the work space is very important. When you have to work in an office, whether it’s at home or somewhere else, you need to have a comfortable chair. Traditional office chairs are great but there’s also another piece of furniture that’s even greater. It’s the P@d lounge chair.The P@d lounge chair was designed by Martin Ballendat. It’s unlike any other piece of furniture. That’s because this chair combines the comfort of a cozy armchair with the functionality of a desk. The chair has a very simple and minimalist design.

However, that’s not all. It also has a design that allowed its creator to include a series of trays cleverly hidden in the structure of the chair. The secret set of fold-out trays is strong enough to hold a laptop. This means you’ll be able to work while sitting comfortable in this beautiful armchair.

The ingenious P@d lounge chair by Martin Ballendat

It’s like something you’ve ever dreamed of doing someday and it’s finally here and possible. So you have a home office, this is the perfect chair for it. Traditional office chairs are quite comfortable and functional but none of them can be compared to this one. Not only that the P@d lounge chair is an incredibly comfortable piece of furniture, but it’s also equipped with secret pull-out trays as well as a small hub hidden inside a trap door on one side. This means you won’t have to worry about wrangling power and network cable all over the room. This chair has everything you need and it all comes in a very elegant and stylish package.

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