Is Your Refrigerator Running?


The Cold Truth.

Unique as a finger print what lies behind the door of your refrigerator has a lot to say about you!  My refrigerator for example is stuffed with holiday leftovers  today.    For me and my taste leftovers are nice to have on hand but can be bit cumbersome and annoying!   Take this morning for example I  had difficulty locating my non-fat carton of milk.  Sadly,  it had been  shoved out of its rightful place by a stack of plastic containers filled with potatoes,  green bean casserole and pumpkin pie!  After my refrigerator diving and quietly drinking the milk straight from the carton a thought came to mind, what does everyone else have in their refrigerator?  What does it look like on a normal day? What does it say about that person or family?  I believe these are deep questions that need to be answered.  Well at least I think so anyway!

Take this family for example.  They either really , really like milk or maybe they have a calcium deficiency!  Who knows?  I don’t know, you tell me?

For some people (like me) there is more of an emotional attachment !

Perhaps you find  your refrigerator serves  well for extra storage!

Your refrigerator might display your unusual  gift for color coding!

Or maybe you are one of those individuals who frequents the refrigerator hoping above all hopes that by some magical refrigerator trickery a new food group will suddenly appear out of no where?  Ya, I thought so!

And what about the contents in your refrigerator?  Just how healthy are you?

Do you have a wide variety of items like flowers and a Star Wars Princess Leah cup cake?  See, what I mean?  Now we’re getting somewhere!

My son Zachary feels very strongly that Catsup and photography film is the Zen like formula to  his well-balanced (apartment) refrigerator. What is it with men and Catsup anyway?

Just how aggressive are you about the things you love in your refrigerator.  Apparently “April” has had previous issues!

These days I’m finding a practical use for my refrigerator. Turns out its a great place to cool off during the height of my hot flashes and squeeze in some casual reading!

So lets examine the outside of your refrigerator!

Do you use it to display your family art?

Or a photo gallery of your beloved pets?

And at what point do you say it might be a bit much?

Or have you discovered the perfect simple art of display!

The type of refrigerator says a lot about your personal style.  Nowadays there are so many colors and styles to choose from! What does yours look like?

And when you’re done with your refrigerator maybe you will donate it to the “fridgehenge” art scupture!  Its an idea ??

The important thing to remember is let your refrigerator creativity soar!

Oh and one last thing!  The next time a couple of kids call your phone and ask you if your  refrigerator is running….you’ll know what to say!  Old jokes never die!

Thanks to “Corner Paint” for this very funny post.