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Let’s Open A New Door and See What’s Beyond It – Or – Even An Old One!

John Saladino Door“We can remind ourselves of life and all it brings, every time we see a door or cross a threshold. We often do not know what is on the other side. At times the appearance of the door gives us some inkling of this and at other times we simply have to enter with no assurances.

Marzia Chierichetti - Interiors

The door is a point of transition. We leave behind a room and enter another. We step through the door from the outside to the inside. It is the gap between the past and the future, a strong reminder of the present moment.” – Rob Smith

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portals  plural of por·tal (Noun)

  1. A doorway, gate, or other entrance.
  2. An Internet site providing access or links to other sites.