Whatever it is – One Needs To Live That LIFESTYLE To Keep The Look Just Right!

Notice, not a slipper or a sock or even a piece of mail is in sight.

semi min 1 living-room-side-view-one-665x429

This modern example of an interior layout designed by a Taiwan company, WCH Interior Design, could be described as semi-minimalist decor, but with a feeling of warmth and welcoming. The strong linear lines of this home soften immediately with the neutral palette of blue-grey walls and the complementary textures of the floor and furnishings.

semi min 2 living-room-tv-view-665x424

semi min 3 living-room-side-view-two-665x427

Acting as a divider between the dining and living space the uniquely framed television seems to float just inches above the elevated floor.

semi min 6 dining-room-two-665x426

semi min 5 dining-room-one-665x660

The placement of the tropical plant near the window is not only practical but adds a sense of whimsy to this clean lined dining space.

semi min 7 bedroom-master-665x330

The platform bed of this room is framed in such a way that the headboard continues along the window wall acting as a desk and onto the opposite wall as a dresser.

semi min 8 bedroom-guest-665x417

Leaving no clutter to cover the beauty of it, the hardwood floor flows seamlessly from room to room bringing continuity to the whole house.

semi min 9 washbasin-one-665x640

Further accentuating the linearity of this home, the washroom is also inclusive of the full woodwork that lines the walls throughout the rest of the living spaces. This unique wash basin has a see through wall that looks beyond the sink into a sitting area that is flooded with natural light.

semi min 10 shower-room-665x453