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Modular Hobs from Electrolux


Trending: Electrolux
Look and See: Electrolux is showing some sweet cook tops. Take a peek at something more unusual: Modular hobs. The option of installing one (or more) single sleek gas burners, anywhere, opens up some interesting ideas for small or inconveniently shaped spaces.

Under-Sink Drawers


Trending: Scavolini, Italian-designed kitchens
Look and See: These smart, wide drawers are designed to make maximum use of the space around a sink bowl in a cabinet. These drawers don’t let any space go to waste.

Refrigerator, Dishwasher & Oven Unit – All-in-One


Trending: Alpes Inox, German kitchen design
Look and See: This modestly sized stainless steel cabinet didn’t look like much… until we opened it and found practically a whole kitchen inside! The appliances are made by three separate manufacturers: Liebherr (fridge), Siemens (dishwasher) and the oven appears to be by Alpes Inox. Just add a sink and a cook top and you’re set, and in a very small footprint.

All these new appliances are smart and awesome and now trending!