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I Like?  I Don’t Like?  What Do You Think?

I’m not always on board with the “white color plate and few accent colors” – and I feel in homes like this all windows should have window treatments – in bathrooms, in the kitchen, and in all living spaces. Yet, there is a freshness to this home with wonderful architectural features and details that I find inspiring.

“If you get the backgrounds correct, the rest will follow”. – Mario

“I like this Vancouver home. It is the home of Canadian interior designer Effie Genovese according to the feature in Style at Home magazine”.

Effie apparently lived in Paris for 10 years before moving to Vancouver. So her home is a hint of Paris, a hint of modern and a hint of traditional all rolled into one.

Love this entry with the glossy black front door and the marble mosaic tiles.  Paris is known for its fabulous doors…this one would fit right in! (above)
Love the idea of a desk in the kitchen…cook, work, eat…cook, work, eat…repeat! (above)
The bedroom has a soothing vibe with gray walls and french inspired armchair and bench. (above)
Dream bathroom! (above)
Of all of the places in the house the garden with the crushed gravel reminds me most of Paris…the Luxembourg gardens perhaps! (above)

Coco of Los Angeles asks, “What do you think of this home? Like or dislike? Any room you would transport to your home as is? I like the foyer…love marble mosaic tiles!”.