Creative Ways of Using Old or New Barn Doors in Your Interiors

Barn doors are not something anyone would consider taking home and including into the décor. However, even though it seems unlikely, they can make some great decorations and they can even be functional in ways you never though of. Let’s see some examples.

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You can use barn doors to conceal the laundry area for example. And while you’re doing that you can also add some color to your home by painting the door in a tone such as coral, green and anything else you like. Since barn doors have a wooden structure, they add warmth wherever they go. You can use a single door to cover the guest bathroom for example. It’s original and unusual but it’s not a bad idea.

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The office can also benefit from these doors. You can use sliding barn doors to achieve privacy in your office. Use them instead of curtains and you’ll get a unique interior. You can also decorate them on the inside with photo frames for example. You can basically include barn doors in any room of the house as long as you do it creatively and you know how to make them part of the décor. They can look good in the living room as well if used as sliding panels to hide the TV for example.

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Barn doors can also be used as such instead of sliding doors or panels. They can be used to conceal a closet space and they also be trimmed or decorated, repainted, etc. If you can find a large barn door you can use it for the entrance to the living room. Moreover, just because they were designed to be used as doors this doesn’t mean they can’t change functionality. A barn door can make a great headboard for the bedroom. It adds warmth and texture and it’s both eye-catching and functional. You can make a lot of things with a simple barn door as long as you use your imagination.

Traditional or Contemporary Here Are Some Hardware Choices

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