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If you have been hoping for an apocalypse to save you the trouble of picking up gifts this time, you have no excuses now. But do not worry!

We would Love any one of these – It’s Not To Late!

Gift 1 hour-glass-gift-700x672

Hour Glass: Neat looking hour glass accessory that would liven up any architect’s desk.

Gift 2 architect-gift-700x420

Areaware Cubebot: A cute little transforming cube bot made of cherry wood.

Gift 4 gift-for-architect-enthusiast-700x453

Iconic Buildings From LEGO:The Guggenheim, Falling Water, Big Ben, Opera House, plenty of options here for the architecture enthusiast.

Gift 5 lenovo-a720-architects

Lenovo A720 Desktop: With touchscreen desktops all set to go mainstream in 2013, this particular model from Lenovo looks a great choice for architects with its ability to fold down completely flat.

Gift 7 architect-figure

Architect Steel Figurine: How about a beautiful steel figurine that would help them creatively show off their profession?

Gift 8 vintage-architect-drafting-table

Vintage Drafting Table: If you can afford it, the 1920′s French Architect’s Drafting table would be a fine piece of furniture addition.

Gift 9 Ben-Holiday_house

Ben Holiday House: Replica of an open air urban home designed by architect Ben Holiday