Light-Light: Floating Magnetic Lamp

Back to the Future 2 was full of empty promises.  And by that we mean the Hover Board, which we hoped would some day actually get released by Matel. Instead it turns out that it was simply movie magic at its best.  However, Marty McFly did make good and release a pair of those futuristic Nike Mag sneakers, though they fell short in terms of expectation since they weren’t self lacing.  So the only way we see fit to satiate our need for all things futuristic is to buy one of these magnetic floating lamps.

The name leaves something to be desired, Light-light, but the tech is giving us a rather large bulge in our pants.  While it looks like a normal light, the top, or tip of the lamps are completely wireless, light up and float freely above the base unit thanks to a set of magnets and the engineering genius of one Ger Jansen and a company called Crealev.  They’re available in two models, Silhouette and Eclipse, and incorporate LEDs, which are not only energy efficient but dimable to your mood.

The Light-light was designed by Angela Jansen, a Design Academy Eindhoven graduate, and are available for $1,300 each.

Thanks to: Gadget Review