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Hand Made vs Machine Made

Nowadays almost everything is tech and machines started to take the place of human creativity and labor. That’s why more and more people started to appreciate hand crafted objects. But all this new hand-made stuff don’t manage to equal the artistic value of traditional crafted equivalents which are more and more hard to find. So when you see a traditional crafted product you should pay more attention to it and value its art and all the hard labor that its creator has made to create it.

Some of the grannies from the countryside from my country still have in their homes manual crafted rugs, made by themselves or by their mothers and grandmothers. Those objects value a fortune and tourists especially appreciate the traditional manual art. However, in the more economical developed countries, where industry is a strong segment of the economy, it is much harder to find an authentic precious traditional crafted rug.” – Unknown author.

That’s why, when I saw the Gradiated Stripe Rug, made by Indian artisans who manually weave these rugs, I thought this is a great find. These rugs are made from 100% cotton and the woven process was certified as authentic by the Craftmark nonprofit organization. The cotton rugs come in different striped models and colors so there’s no problem to match them with your interiors. However, due to the material, you should give add a little extra care to these rugs. Use a rug pad to keep it in place and try not to spoil or wet it too much. Depending on the dimensions, the price for a Gradiated Stripe Cotton Rug is between $19.00 – $299.00. At $19.00 for a small hand-made rug I placed in my Kitchen – I bought 2 and won’t mind washing them gently to keep them clean.

As seen at: West Elm