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Perfume Souvenirs Let You Smell Like Your Favorite Cities

They say that the sense of smell triggers memories more than all the other senses combined.

And if you can smell like a new Apple product, you should be able to smell like your favorite city too.

Perfumer Gérald Ghislain and designer Magalie Sénéquier created perfume souvenirs that ‘catch the essence of your travel’.

‘The Scent of Departure’ are bottles of perfume that contain the ‘essence of cities’—so that you can relive and recall your travel destinations with just a whiff of the perfume.

Ghislain and Sénéquier have curated the scents of places Abu Dhabi, Paris, Bali, Dubai, Tokyo, Singapore, New York, Paris, London, Frankfurt, Milan, and the likes.

We’re not sure whether the scents smell truly of the places they’re supposed to resemble—does New York really smell like green apples, lotus flowers, jasmine, lilac, rose petals, caramelized apples, white musk, vanilla and caramel, put together?

More destinations can be found here.

What will they think up next?

[via Incredible Things]