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PURE Faucet Concept – Totally Innovative and Way Cool Looking!

PURE is designed as an elegant touch-sensitive leaf faucet that flows out the exact amount of water you need, thus eliminating wastage. As Dax explains, “A sensitive interaction with the product accurately controls the amount of water requested, reducing unwanted overflow and the related waste of drinkable water.” Basically the design works with hand manipulation and sensor interpretations, making the user experience quite intuitive. Did I hear someone scream GERMS?!

Designer: Maxime (Dax) Dubreucq

We are still doing research on this product. How does it function? Where can we purchase it? What applications can it be used with? How can it be used? Is it available? What are the specifications and sizes and finishes? If any one finds more information, please let us know. Thanks!

Here are some links: Yanko Designs. Designer: Maxime (Dax) Dubreucq