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It’s like asking your “Doctor” to decorate your Living Room.

Sean is asking:

“I’ve been really struggling with how I should design the layout of our outside kitchen. We are starting the discussions this week with our builder. I really like the layout design in this picture (above). It’s difficult to tell what each of the appliances are, I noticed that they were lettered and numbered. Can you help me with this? I really appreciate any help you can provide.” Thanks Sean

Sean – I strongly suggest that you consult with an Interior Designer or Kitchen Designer to get your answers.  Builders build things, follow plans, blueprints and details along with scheduling the construction process.  Interior Designers and Kitchen Designers space plan, come up with the details, know the correct products, surfaces and finishes that would be required for your particular project and then give all this information to the builder to construct. There or many, many, many more questions that will need to asked before your start the “decision making” process. Make it easier on yourself and ask for a consultation. Believe me, you will be much happier in the long run and you will get the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.