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When Hollywood Gets It Right – It’s Something To Get Mad About! – In a good Way.

In a interview by: Jane Dagmi, she asked Simon Doonan, Ted Watson & Eddie Ross their view on some of the sets and colors. It is interesting.

I started watching “Mad Men” in Season 4. It took me a while to get caught up with the storyline, but visually I got sucked right in. Now I cannot wait for Sunday night for more Don, more fabulous vintage clothing, and an hour’s worth of coveting mid-century décor – sleek, modest, kitsch, and mod. Bryan Batt, who played art director Salvatore Romano, and is an interior designer, shop owner, and author says, “Everything on set was picture perfect and the attention to detail unparalleled.” In particular, he had his eye on a pair of large abstract expressionist paintings in the conference room. “I absolutely loved them; they defined the room.”

With Season 5 well underway — kinky, dramatic and stylishly riveting as always– I asked 3 super stylish guys – all masters of visual merchandising — to discuss 3 super-styled Mad Men sets.  Here’s what they have to say:


benjamin moore pink colordusk pink 2013-40

benjamin moore colorteal ocean 2049-30

benjamin moore paint coloropaline OC-33

Simon Doonan, style sage and author, is Mad Men-addicted. He and his partner Jonathan Adler religiously show up in front of the TV Sundays at 10. When I asked him to choose a Mad Men set, Simon chose Joan’s apartment. I should have wagered on it. I knew he would, and I’m glad he did.

Jane Dagmi: Why did you pick this set?
Simon Doonan: The decor seems poignant and earnest. There is nothing frivolous about it. Joan is ultimately not a playful character. She is all about efficiency.

JD: Do you like her character?
SD: I like her busty maternal governess thing.

JD: What about the colors?
SD: The color-scheme is a little melancholy. I refer to the use of teal and beige. The optimism of the bright office environment is replaced with a more introspective palette.

No wonder Joan always seems happier when she is at work

JD: Would you change anything?
SD: I would be scared to change anything in case she came home and caught me fiddling in her drawers.

JD: Could you see adding something from Jonathan Adler Home?
SD: I think some letter pillows (J_O_A_N) and a red and white zebra rug would add a little je ne sais quoi…but am worried Joan would get mad.


Mad Men Kitchen Colors

benjamin moore paint colorrosamilia green 592

benjamin moore white colordeep in thought AF-30

benjamin moore green colorcalypso green 2046-10

Ted Watson, eminent Seattle retailer and tastemaker, is a lover of the all-green kitchen concept.  “The Mad Men kitchen does make my heart sing a tad…but just a tad,” he says, adding, I like ours better!” Ted is quick to offer 6 ways to spruce it up.

  1. PAINT: Go high gloss with a product like Advance – paint the chairs and table each with a vibrant shade of green.
  2. WINDOW TREATMENTS: Ditch the curtains; keep the shades.
  3. APPLIANCES: Install a glass-fronted Sub-Zero fridge to open up the space.
  4. LIGHTING: Replace pendant with a green beaded chandelier; take sconce shade off and go with an exposed Edison bulb.
  5. HARDWARE: Replace cabinet pulls with green glass vintage-inspired knobs.
  6. SMALL ELECTRICS: Replace all counter top appliances with green-colored versions like a Dualit toaster and KitchenAid mixer.
Mad Men Office Colors
Colors for Mad Men office


Eddie Ross, magazine editor, stylist, flea market tour operator has a penchant for modern design, dazzling color, and bold pattern. Eddie says that the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce office, though set in the 60’s, feels very now. “Orange and neutrals have never gone away, and modern furniture has never gone out of vogue. I could walk right in and pick up shop,” says Eddie, describing his  home office as having glass and chrome, lots of white, and hits of orange.

benjamin moore gray colorcoventry gray HC-169 benjamin moore white paintdecorators white CC-20 benjamin moore black color black 2132-10 benjamin moore orange tangy orange 2014-30

The flagship offices at SCDP, highlighted by a parade of memorable vintage fashion, give Eddie plenty of inspiration to take home. Eddie imagines a room with orange painted walls, gray tweed upholstery, long curtains fabricated in an over-scaled black and white polka dot – and the pattern perhaps reiterated via glossy paint on the floor. Accessories would include Eddie’s collection of Lucite lighters, colorful glass ashtrays, and 50’s and 60’s barware. Not only would these props make the scene rich, they would also make it personal.

Our answer is YES! – In A Good Way.