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We’re always looking for products that inspire us and can add to today’s Lifestyle – here are 3 you might like.

White & White – Clock

If the advent of Blu-ray playing PS3s and minimalist Apple TVs has you missing the old digital clock from your VCR, fill that void with the White & White Clock ($180). Designed by Vadim Kibardin, this LED clock is a 3D interpretation of those formerly ubiquitous displays, offering alarm, date, and time functionality, ABS plastic bodies, an ambient light sensor to dim the digits in darkness, and striking white numbers. No word on a “flashing 12:00” mode.

The White & White Clock designed by Vadim Kibardin is a modern 3D interpretation of the traditional digital clock.

More then just a desk lamp.

If you’re looking to power your phone, provide some light, and preserve your modern decor at the same time, check out the Tunto PowerKiss Lamp (€1,050; roughly $1,400). Made from bent, ultrathin wood board, this unique lamp features PowerKiss wireless charging technology built into the base, touch-sensitive sensors for power and light intensity, and nine ultrathin LED lamps to provide plenty of light.

Tunto LED 8 PowerKiss table lamp with wire-free charging station

Innovative table lamp Tunto LED 8 PowerKiss has the charming design of Tunto LED-series in three natural wood variations, ultrathin-mounted LED-lights and an integrated wire-free charging station.

Bottle Opener with Style and Function

You’ll pop your top.

Inspired by the Theodore Low bottle opener from the 1930s, this modern interpretation offers better seamless function and classic styling that will last for generations.  Cast of stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish, this device exudes quality, artistry, and timelessness. Kebo (derived from “Bottle Key”), is an ideal gift for anyone with an appreciation for fine craftsmanship and of course, fine beer.