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Lighting & Hardware

The Schoolhouse Electric Company

Years ago this little company started out with Classic Lighting and Electrical Products – “The School House Look” MK and Company Interior Design and Decoration purchased from them many, many times for many residential projects which fit the look and the charm of the home. Many homes in the Pasadena, California area where built-in the early 20’s and 30’s.

They have come a long way from their basic classic light fixture. Now you can find wonderful, fun products for your home and office – anything from small accessories to rugs. What makes this company still great is that they have kept to the roots of where they started. We like that.


Check them out – they might have something you are looking for, even if it’s only for some¬†inspiration or a bit of history.

Chick: Schoolhouse Electric Company. FYI – currently they are having a SALE!