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Ask a Professional

I’m remodeling my kitchen and hate the stainless sink I have now. What else can I choose from?

Kitchen designed by: MK and Company Interior Design and Decoration

“When shopping for a sink other than stainless steel, my first choice is Fireclay. It stands the test of time and has a classic look. Other choices are Enameled Cast Iron and metal sinks other than stainless steel like Copper.” (answer by: Mario Saverino)

Other things to consider when choosing a Fireclay or Enameled Cast Iron Sink: Types of Applications; Under-Mounted vs Set-In. Style; Traditional vs Contemporary. Size and Configuration; Single Bowl vs Divided Bowl. By nature, the fireclay or enameled sinks lends itself to a more traditional application.  Just like stainless steel, Fireclay and Enameled Cast Iron can scratch and stain. However, using a product like “Bar Keepers Friend“, will keep fireclay and enameled sinks sparkling for years to come. Divided bowls shouldn’t be your first choice if you plan on washing large trays, pots and cookie sheets.

Another choice can be stone, which just might be the next trend.

Click: George’s Pipe and Supply; Great web site for all Fireclay, Enameled Cast Iron, Copper and Stone Sinks. Stone Forest, Shaw, Kallista and Native Trails.