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Ask a Professional

I’m dying for a stainless steel sink in my new kitchen. What should I look for?

“When shopping for quality stainless steel sinks, ask for 18 gauge Type 304 stainless, which contains extra chromium and is less susceptible to corrosion. Be sure, too, that it has sound deadening material applied to the underside of the basin. Without this insulation material, stainless steel sinks are very noisy, especially when a waste disposal unit is used.” (answer by: Ivana Mirkovic Garito)

Other things to consider when choosing a stainless sink: Types of Applications; Under-Mount vs Set-In.  Style; Traditional vs Contemporary. Size and Configuration; Single Bowl vs Divided Bowl. By nature, the stainless steel sink lends itself to a more contemporary application and it will get scratches if not careful when placing metal type objects into it. Divided bowls shouldn’t be your first choice if you plan on washing large trays and cookie sheets. And, stainless can stain or rust if not maintained properly or if a lesser gauge is selected.

Click: George’s Pipe and Supply; Great web site for all Stainless Steel Sinks. Bates & Bates; Traditional Stainless Sinks. Franke; Contemporary Stainless Steel Sinks.