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Did you know that there is a difference between the following?

  • Decorator
  • Interior Decorator
  • Interior Designer
  • Space Planner
  • Architect

Understanding the differences can make finding the right person for your design needs much easier.  At MK and Company Interior Design and Decoration we do all the above.

The term interior design has come to describe a group of related projects that are involved in making any interior space into an effective setting for whatever range of human activities are to take place there. It can be the name of the profession that concerns itself with these matters, but that profession is not as clearly defined as that of a lawyer or doctor. Making decisions about what interior design problems to deal with alone on a “do-it-yourself” (DIY) basis, and when to call for professional help is not always as simple as it might seem. Many bad interiors are the results of wrong decision on these questions.

Conceptional Rendering Hotel Suite

Decorator or Interior Decorator – This is the designation most widely used and understood by the general public today. The title gained currency in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, applied to the large group of designers who were specialists in putting together interiors in the various traditional styles. Many decorators were also dealers in the elements used in interiors, buying and reselling furniture and rugs and contracting for whatever on-site work needed to be done to pull together a finished project.

Interior Designer/Interior Architect – This term describes a professional approach to interiors that puts more emphasis on basic planning and functional design than decoration implies. The term Interior Architect refers to designers who deal with the basic arrangement of spaces, lay out room arrangements and manage technical issues (such as lighting and plumbing), much as architects design entire buildings. Interior Design has become the accepted term for this kind of practice.

Before Exterior Patio & Sun Room

After Exterior Patio & Sun Room

Space Planner – Firms specializing in these fields handle the development of large corporate and institutional offices that fill whole floors, many floors, or entire buildings with offices and their related services. Since office buildings are usually constructed as floors of open, undivided space, layout planning becomes an important first step in their design.

Architect – An architect must have formal training and experience and must pass an examination leading to registration, a type of license to practice. Architects are trained in basic building construction and are prepared to design buildings from the foundation up. However, most architects look at buildings from the outside in and know little about what the interiors of the spaces should be.

Disney Concert Hall, LA,CA