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What do you think? – The following products are totally worth looking at or even considering owning.  Technology can be good, whether simple or complicated, if it has a benefit to your lifestyle, then why not? However, it’s not always “just” about technology – simple can be good as well.

Are you a iPhone owner?  If so, don’t you think it’s a beautiful product?  The black glass front and back.  The stainless steel sides.  But, drop it and see what happens. It did happen to me and my only solution at the time was a rubber bumper or a plastic case cover. If I had found a wooden case cover, that could have been a real consideration. Look at this from Material 6 – stunning.

OK, so it hides (replaces) the black glass back – but think of all you gain (grain) with the beautiful select wood back and this remarkable cover still allows you to see the stainless steel sides.  It might not bounce if it falls – but the style and look could remind you to hold on to it a bit more.  Check out their entire line of wood case covers.

Speaking of wood. Are you an everyday purchaser of a hot coffee or tea beverage from your local coffee shop? Ever think about the waste involved? From the paper cup to the plastic lid and even the paper shelve.  Here is a product that can add a bit of style to that paper cup, called the “Coffee Cuff”. Remember, changing little things in life do add up.

When not in use, it can be worn as a bracelet and it’s Eco-Friendly. Please remember not to toss it when recycling that paper cup and plastic lid.

Speaking of bracelets. Have you seen this new remarkable one? Leave it to “Nike” to come up with this one.

“The Nike+ FuelBand($150) is a wearable bracelet that uses a built-in three-axis accelerometer to track the time, your daily steps, calories expended, and NikeFuel — a normalized score based on oxygen kinetics that awards points equally regardless of physical makeup. You can track your activity using the Nike+ website by syncing over USB, or hook up with your smartphone over Bluetooth and suck data into an app. Integrated LEDs in the wristband keep you informed of your current status and give you an easy red-to-green goal indicator.” Let’s face it, trying to maintain your weight can be hard at times – running around, not being able to be in control from all the busy stuff in our lives. This can be a good reminder while on the go and it just might give you that extra step we all need to take.

Yes, products like these can add to our lifestyle, are worth looking into and if nothing else show how innovative we all can be.

Product List: Material 6, Coffee Cuff, Nike+FuelBand