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Yesterday, we were very excited about launching our new blog, we didn’t even introduce ourselves to you.  So with your kindness, we would like to take one step back and do so.

We are MK and Company Interior Design and DecorationKenn D. Myers (right side) & Mario Saverino (left side).  Together in 1999 we brought our design talents together and started our Interior Design Studio located in Pasadena, CA.

Hence the name MK and Company Interior Design and Decoration.  “M” for Mario. “K” for Kenn (yes with 2 n’s).

To understand us a little better, this has always been our mission.

MKandcompany Interior Design and Decoration is predicated on the notion of timeless design be it modernist or traditional in inspiration. Our work rarely reflects the latest trend. Rather, we choose a more thoughtful and deliberate approach to designing environments for both residential and commercial interiors. With respect to architecture and site, we seek to create an atmosphere that exudes comfort, harmony and a lack of pretense.

At MKandcomapny Interior Design and Decoration our design process is Inclusive, not Exclusive.”After all, it is your home, your business, your lifestyle.”

Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions, thoughts, concerns or anything you would like us to add to this blog.  We can be reached via, tel. 626.791-7653, e-mail; mkandcomapny@att.net, or by leaving a comment on this blog.

Over the following months we will be posting things that inspire us, how to do anything that can add joy and comfort to all our lives and products that are worth noting.

In today’s hectic lifestyle, design does not need to be an after thought.  Over the past years good design has become accessible to everyone – no exceptions.

Let’s let the celebration of our lifestyles begin. Pop those bottles and have a piece of cake.  We only live once.